Lekker Achterwerk – A great restaurant in Groningen

Welcome to Achterwerk. Restaurant and bar in the back of the hallway. From now on you are welcome every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dining, drinks and snacks. Our house is your palace – mi casa es su casa – you get the deal.

We take food and drinks very serious. The rest not that much. We don’t like boring etiquettes. Expect spontaneous staff, an interesting range of drinks and if you would like to start with dessert, be our guest. But there are more things we think that need to be changed. Our menu is seasonal and changes every week. As you will see our dishes are plant based. We like to offer vegan alternatives for eating excess animal products. We still offer a meat or fish option, because we respect everyone’s preferences.

For an extra special experience we also work with concept nights. We play some rounds of ‘Kutzooibingo’, upgrade your guilty pleasures to culinary masterpieces, invite a guest chef or arrange something completely different. As long as it is not too normal and boring. Because there are already way too many conventional restaurants.

Enough for now, check our menu, make a reservation and find us at Oosterstraat 13a in Groningen. Up the stairs and all the way in the back.

PS: you can find our Facebook page here and our Instagram page here.