Rejoice at this: you can now get your vegan take-out fix at Achterwerk! During the lockdown we’ve got different vegan menu items available for pick-up. With vegan fondue every Friday and Saturday, and a different vegan junkfood item and cake every Saturday. Read here what we’re serving this week. We work with orders for the fondue and cake, which you can place until the previous day 16:00.

Too tasty to skip, come take out. See you at Achterwerk!

Take-out hours

Friday 15:00-18:00 • vegan fondue

Saturday 12:00-18:00 • vegan fondue, junkfood en cake

Ordering info

For the fondue and cake ordering in advance is necessary. You can do this by phone or WhatsApp until the day before pick-up, 16:00(16 40477317). You can always hop by for your vegan junkfood fix, but ordering in advance is advised.


Welcome to Achterwerk, vegan cuisine for everyone.

It’s here we offer a tremendous dining experience with fully vegan menus, in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or whether you’ll pretty much eat anything: if you’re open to new tastes and surprising combinations, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re hidden in the back of the hallway of the old Willem Lodewijk Gymnasium in the Oosterstraat in Groningen. Here we work in our small but cozy restaurant four days a week, sun-drenched terrace included during the summer. Besides that we’ll open up for groups on request, on any day of the week.

Even though we offer an excellent dining experience, we also like a relaxed atmosphere. Not too formal please. Because formalities are already around more than enough. Don’t be surprised if our chef comes over to compliment you on your outfit.

Because we work with surprise menu’s less goes to waste. Even three weeks we introduce a nice menu, to keep things fresh and exciting. Besides that we buy as many ingredients as possible locally, and do we opt for seasonal vegetables. This all, combined with our love for locally produced products, makes us sustainable. Something we value greatly.

To go with our menus we offer complementary drinks packages, consisting of special wines, cocktails and beers.

Exceptionally good-tasting, sustainability and playfulness go hand in hand in our restaurant. Come over for dinner. Come to Achterwerk.